Provide consulting services in new product/market development and analysis, utilizing expertise
in problem solving intervention, solution generation and marketing/distribution strategy in
domestic and international settings.


-Invented and marketed over 35 consumer products
-Founded an inventing and marketing company generating a million plus sales per year in only
3 years
-Consulted with companies, developed new products and expanded markets


Product development and design including manufacturing considerations, both domestic and
international, idea generation facilitator, marketing and distribution strategy including
demographics, market identification, potential market quantification, name branding, packaging
and promotion.

Has a wide variety of experience in product invention and development, idea generation and
targeting efficient solutions. Is well adept at quickly defining central issues and key variables.
Facilitates development of innovative solutions through questioning and probing techniques.

His experience starting a small product inventing company, Noval Enterprises; that quickly rose
to a million dollar company coupled with a solid background in government, Pacific Gas &
Electric Co., a masters degree in demographics and urban economics and a bachelors in
philosophy and psychology has yielded a quick-study, creative thinking and results oriented


November 1982 - Present
Noval Enterprises - Product invention, development and marketing company.

Founder, owner and CEO of Noval Enterprises, a company that invents, develops and markets
its own new products in a variety of industries from housewares, retail display to the marine and
sporting goods industry, specifically golf and soccer. To date Charles Noval has developed over
35 consumer products.

In 1982 the company started as an undercapitalized hand to mouth operation with one product.
Through creative and efficient product development and marketing techniques the company now
has sales of over one million dollars with a high profit margin. The company now has over ten
products all invented by Charles Noval. The company markets products through a variety of
distribution channels such as trade shows, sales representatives, distributors, retailers, catalog
houses and the internet. Charles Noval has optimized these channels by continuously
broadening his product line.
Recently completed a multimillion dollar licensing contract for his patent with a larger company
in the golf industry who could more efficiently reach worldwide markets and national chains.

January 1982 - October 1982  
Pacific Gas & Electric Co., San Francisco, CA - Demographic & Economic Forecaster
Developed methodology to assess demographic and economic market demand for electrical
power. Analyzed future lifestyle, political, economic and social factors in demographic and
economic trends.

November 1977 - July 1981
Southern California Association of Governments, Los Angeles, CA - Land Use Planner
Developed politically sensitive demographic and economic forecasts as a basis for planning
federal, state and local government projects including highways, schools, housing, sewer
treatment facilities, etc.


Kusber Enterprises -  Metal fabrication company. Developed a marketing plan including
brochures and literature to secure new customers and advertise new machine capabilities.
Developed new product lines to sell to existing customers.

Madewell Products - Golf accessory manufacturer. Designed a visual display aid to better attract
customers in the retail environment. Improved existing product design reducing return defects
from 5% to less than 1%. Developed a new product to add to existing line.

TAP Plastics - Plastic fabrication Company. Designed and sourced components to reduce labor

Ringling Brother Circus - Performed analysis of retail merchandise display and sales operations
before, during and after the show. Developed recommendations to increase sales; including
merchandise presentation and salesperson incentive programs.


Various marketing and strategic business courses within U.C. Berkeley MBA program.

Masters Degree - University Southern California, Los Angeles, CA  
Urban & Regional Planning - Economics, land use planning, demographics

Bachelors Degree - New York University, New York, NY        
Psychology and Philosophy - sensation and human perception, subjective vs. objective
experience, behavioral conditioning, logic.