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Synonymy is about the meaning of words, NOT their spelling
What word begins with a B and is a
Synonym of a word that begins with an
How about an Antonym?
If you had a
D in your hand & an A on the
A Homonym?
A B in hand and a B on the table
Bear - Bare
Match words that have similar meanings(Synonyms)
Match words that have opposite meanings(Antonyms)
Match words that sound the same but have
different meanings(Homonyms).
Simple Rules but Challenging to Play

Synonymy is fun to play and is also extremely educational and
adds to self improvement.

We all know many words but how many are on the tip of your tongue
and ready to use.
Synonymy brings words into your consciousness
to broaden your usable vocabulary. Most people know a variety
words but only use a small number in daily conversation.
increases the number of words you use and makes your
conversation more vibrant, varied, interesting, nuanced and exciting.

As we age, it becomes more difficult to retrieve words from our
memory. Playing
Synonymy exercises the linkage between our
memory and our consciousness. As you play, the words come
easier and easier and words swirl around your mind effortlessly.
A Fun & Exciting New Word Game
A Great Way to Build Your Vocabulary & Impress Your Friends.
2-4 can play and also a solitaire version.
How to Play 2-4 players
4 cards are dealt to each player and 4 cards are turned face up on the table.
Each player, in turn, uses a letter in his hand that is the first letter of a word that matches
a word that starts with one of the letters on the table.
Words match by either being a synonym, antonym or homonym. (As explained above)
A U in your hand can represent the word UP which is a match for a D on the table that
starts the word
DOWN, an antonym.
Play only one card per turn from your hand but take in as many cards as you can that
match the synonym, antonym or homonym theme. Taken cards are placed in your pile to
be tallied later. Dealer assures that there are always 4 cards face up on the table after
each player's turn. If a player can not make a match, he discards a card to the table. Play
ends when there are not enough cards to deal an even number of cards to each player.
Cards left on table are not counted.
Tally card points. Count bonus points separately, as all cards taken in that match are
Strategy: Try to use bonus cards to full advantage. All cards taken in with a bonus card
are multiplied by the bonus value.

Detailed rules, tips and suggestions included..
Solitaire Version
Place 4 rows of 4 cards face up on a table. Try to match any
neighboring card, including diagonals. When you identify a word
that starts with that letter and it matches by either being a synonym,
antonym or homonym with a neighboring letter, take both cards off
the table. Be sure not to leave a card alone with no neighbors.
When all cards are taken off the table, you win!
No need to count points and no bonus points.
L can be used as LOW and H can be
used as
HIGH, take both off the table
as antonyms.
52 letter card deck with rules,
instructions and helpful hints.
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A bit like Scrabble, a bit like a crossword
puzzle, but different than either.
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Competitive and Fun with
Bonus Points and Special